by automating your re-calls, patient retention & patient acquisition

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Easily monitor your patients' satisfaction and enhance your word-of-mouth in the market. Improve your practice, based on your patients' instantly collected feedbacks.

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Take your practice management to the next level with your live business intelligence. Identify inefficiencies by comparing trends, tracking KPIs and monitoring revenue with ease.

Build closer relationship with your patients using personalised automated communication to boost your patient retention and decrease you practice inefficiencies. All done with a few clicks.

Get live insights to grow your practice

Automate your patient relations

Boost your patients' loyalty

Grow your Practice with Automation and Analytics

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Cliniq Apps is the most powerful healthcare communication automation platform and reporting 

Patient Relations Automation

Reactivate Your Lapsed Patients

Rebook Your Cancellations & No-Shows

Remind Them of Their Upcoming Appointments

Here are some samples:

Send Personalised Follow Up Messages

Send Them Birthday Wishes & Promotions

Improve your treatment outcomes by personalised follow up messages tailored for each patient condition. Optimise your calendar by creating closer relationship with your patients. Manage your cancellations and no-shows automatically. Reduce your staff workload by automating your patient relationship protocols.


Your clinic needs to increase its patient volume year after year if it wants to stay in business.

Cliniq Apps can tell you in an instant how close you are to your growth targets. You'll be able to track your ratio of new patients and track the ROI of your patient acquisition efforts.

For each practitioner check utilisation rates, cancellations, no-show rates, late-cancellations, number of appointments, new patient ratios and other KPIs with just a mouse-click.

Set your targets for each practitioner and check them against your achievements in real time.

Calendar Management

Patient Management

New Patient Acquisition

How much is your average patient worth? How many patients are you retaining? How often do they visit?

With Cliniq Apps, you're only ever one click away from these vital figures. You'll have your finger on the pulse of your business 24 hours a day with our insightful patient management reports.

Patient Loyalty

Get instant feedback from patients, identify problem areas and boost your word-of-mouth in the market sky-high.

Track your patient satisfaction rates using Net Promoter© Score. 

Our system automatically sends out your surveys, calculates your responses and shows your scores.

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"Thank you Cliniq Apps for pointing out that my three months reactivation campaign has rebooked 206 new appointments and generated $14,457"


Health & Wellness Australia

Scott Wescombe

Michael Rizk

Owner and Director
Happy Physio

Jessica Keir

"I have rebooked 36 new campaign with my one-month reactivation campaign adding $2,837 to my bottom line. Thanks Cliniq Apps"

"The most interaction we've noticed are form our 1-week follow-up after the initial consult and our 1 month reactivation campaigns.

Thanks Cliniq App! [...] I can see what a great impact this is going to have on our business!"



Security is our number-one priority. Every piece of data and communication is encrypted and automatically backed up in secure facilities right here in Australia.

We are fully compliant with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant state and territorial legislation pertaining to the handling of healthcare information.

We treat every communication between you and your patients as a legal document requiring the highest attention to privacy and security. We also provide a fully searchable archive for future retrieval.