Use Cliniq Apps to grow your clinic by automating re-calls, patient retention and patient acquisition.
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Boost Re-Calls
Dramatically increase your re-call effectiveness with automatic multi-channel messaging.
Retain Patients
Retain more patients than ever with automatic communications tailored to their personal needs.
Acquire More Patients
Acquire more patients and by automating your referrals and organic SEO and social media marketing.
Track Patient Satisfaction
Get instant feedback from patients, identify problem areas and boost your Google ranking sky-high.
Business Health Monitor
You can't manage what you don't measure. View data instantly and see how your clinic is performing.
Free unlimited access to Dashboard
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Security is our number-one priority. Every piece of data and communication is encrypted and automatically backed up in secure facilities right here in Australia.

We are fully compliant with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant state and territorial legislation pertaining to the handling of healthcare information.

We treat every communication between you and your patients as a legal document requiring the highest attention to privacy and security. We also provide a fully searchable archive for future retrieval.

See what our clients say about Cliniq Apps
Scott Wescombe
Owner and Director
Happy Physio
"Thank you Cliniq Apps for pointing out that my three months reactivation campaign has rebooked 206 new appointments and generated $14,457"
Jessica Keir
Health & Wellness Australia
"The most interaction we've noticed are from our 1 week follow-up after the initial consult and our 1 month reactivation campaigns.

Thanks Cliniq Apps! [...] I can see what a great impact this is going to have on our business!"
Michael Rizk
"I have rebooked 36 new campaign with my one month reactivation campaign adding $2,837 to my bottom line. Thanks Cliniq Apps"